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POSTECH Blockchain & Digital Asset Professional Program

Held the 3rd entrance ceremony for the POSTECH blockchain & digital asset professional program


Homepage link: POSTECH Blockchain & Digital Asset Professional Program

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Center Foundation

CCBR (Center for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Research)

2020.03. POSTECH established the Center for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Research (CCBR).

Blockchain-based Degree Issuance

Issuing Blockchain-based Degree for the First Time in Korea

2020.02. Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) issued a blockchain-based degree to all 828 graduates of undergraduate, master’s and doctorate degrees in 2020.

‘Broof’, which was used to issue degree, is iCONLOOP’s blockchain certificate issuance service. Institutions can issue certificates without building a separate database system. Recipients can easily view the blockchain certificate anytime, anywhere, and protect personal information by directly selecting whether or not to disclose the certificate information.

POSTECH expects to increase the transparency of qualification certification with a blockchain degree. Kim Jong-hyeop, CEO of Icon Loop, said, “I believe that this is the opportunity to introduce a reliable, transparent, and fair verification system to the education industry through the issuance of the POSTECH blockchain degree.” and he added “In the future, we intend to use a blockchain technology to settle a completely new ecosystem not only in the education industry but also in the job and job market”