Center for Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Research

POSTECH, Pohang University of Science and Technology


The Center for Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Research (CCBR) is a crypto-blockchain research center established within POSTECH. CCBR leads Korea’s cryptocurrency research and seeks to build a venture ecosystem with faculty, students, and alumni companies. The center actively conducts research and development related to cryptocurrency, furthermore provides on-campus lectures, Moocs, and also holds blockchain seminars and conferences.


Fostering Experts

Joint research with participating professors/students/businesses and fostering experts


Online / Offline crypto and blockchain education for the public.

R & D

Korea cryptocurrency system policy proposal and research & development.

Crypto Finance

Providing the method of utilizing the company’s Crypto Finance and developing related technologies.

Venture Ecosystem

Building a Crypto Blockchain Venture Ecosystem.

Technology Advisory

Advising technology on blockchain and cryptocurrency



James Won-Ki Hong

Blockchain/Cryptocurrency technology and Education


Jongsoo Woo

Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Crypto Finance, Money


Min Jang

AI, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

Chaehyeon Lee

Ph.D Candidate

Changhoon Kang

Ph.D Candidate

Wonseok Choi

Ph.D Candidate

Jeongheon Kim

Ph.D Candidate

More participating professors and students here.


The center’s research mission is focused on technical aspects of cryptocurrencies and blockchains. We work on research topics that support the thriving ecosystem of projects.

Research topics/projects/results are described here.


The center is supported by the leading companies